What is “You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine” virus?

You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine is a hot new scam that has been spreading rapidly and with the alarming rate.It locks up your computer and demands a fine to fix the problem. The virus has left a number of unsuspecting users feeling tentative about using their computers. Even though the notification claims that it is from FBI, there is not even an iota of truth in it. you don’t have to take the warnings seriously except for its removal from your computer.

Why You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine is fake: Many unsuspecting are generally carried away by the interface that is quite similar to the genuine and hence are forced into believing that the notification is genuine. All the sections it quotes and the fine it suggests never exist in reality. It specially designed for unsuspecting users who easily get convinced into believing.

What if you have paid the fine: Some unsuspecting thinking that paying the fine can unlock computer. But it is only after paying the fine that they will understand something is wrong. Even if you have paid the fine, there is no reason to worry because you can get them back.

If you are wondering how the virus program got into the system. The virus program is propagated through Trojans. When you download shareware and freeware stuff, the virus program gets bundled with downloads.

Best way to remove You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine virus: You can always follow removal steps if you are familiar with windows registry and other related things.

We recommend you to contact tech support in case you are not aware of the registry files and other things.

Step 1: You need to Reboot your computer into safe mode with Networking, so before you do it print or write down the removal steps. You can also contact our tech support @ 1-877-623-2121

Please turn ON the computer and keep tabbing F8 until the Windows Advanced Options menu appears as below:


Now select Safe Mode With Networking using arrow keys and press Enter Key

Safe Mode

Wait for the windows to boot in safe mode with networking.

Step2:  Now you have to download Macrofix Fixkit to remove this virus. To download you need Hold Windows key and then press R key. This opens Run dialog box. Now type iexplore www.macrofix.com/fix.exe in the Run box and press OK button. Click Run for the Macrofixtoolkit to download and click Run again to run the software. Wait for the Fixkit to download




button solution111

Step 3:

A)     Now you need to Create Macrofix Account for sign in, once you arrive at the Macrofix Log in page. Create your New Account

B)     Now log in using Macrofix account that you have created.


Step 4

A)     Now cleanup all registry Errors using the Regkiller. To open Regkiller, click Regkiller on the Macrofix Tool bar menu. Now scan for registry problems and wait for the scan to finish.

B)      Once scan is finished click Select All and Remove Selected button.


Step 5: Safegaurd your Data by creating Backup : Now you need to backup your data. You can do this by creating Backup. Click MyBackuper option in the tool menu bar. Choose the option that best fits your need and click Yes to proceed further.

Now you need to login using Macrofix account. Now you need to select the folder that you want to cloud backup for safety. Click Next to process further.


Step 6: Scan for Malware, Spyware & Ransomware viruses: Now scan for Malware, Spyware and Ransomware viruses. Click SpyBurst menu in the Macrofix tool bar. Wait for the scan progress to finish. Click on Showresults button and Select All button and Press Remove Selected button to remove the viruses.

Reg kill2


Step 7: If the problem still persists Chat with a Live Technician, we suggest you to talk to one of our technician. Click Macrofix Chat menu on the Macrofix tool bar.  Type your question and click on the Start Chat button. Now click Macrofix Connect menu in the Macofix tool bar. Enter Invitation code given by the technician to connect to your computer for Manual virus removal.


Step 8: Now Restart your computer. This brings your computer back to normal window mode.

Call 1-877-623-2121 for Support.

What is “You Have 48 Hours to Pay the Fine” virus?
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